Monday August 14th 2006

People fear what they can't conquer and seems that DUI accomplished its goal in pissing off a couple of the zdaemon fellas. We had quite a few hits on our page with our July 28th update. The comment section at challenge-tv jumped up a couple of post since our news posting that evening. No comment was really worth noting but I'm sure after this posting there will be some new post in a day or 2. On a more brighter note, we are still trying to complete our matches with our good friends at [SIN] As soon as all the matches are finished, we'll be sure to post them here (win or loose). We don't really care about the challenge-tv aspect of things. It's just a place for the kiddies to go bragging heh. Ohhhhhh happy belated birthday Romeo


Tuesday August 8th 2006

The About page is finally finished with loads of good DWANGO history. Also, the Downloads page will be updated with all of your old favorite DWANGO map downloads.


Tuesday August 1st 2006

DUI would like to announce the birthday of one of our members. Happy Birthday Niv! Or as Romeo likes to put it, Happy fucking birthday dude........ Seems that all the old schoolers are getting older and older. But you know what they say about age and our skills. "Ancient Skills Are Known To Be The Best".


Friday July 28th 2006

Seems everyone loves DUI these days. The other night while playing a friendly game of ctf, this little group decided to make a parody of DUI and join as GUI. We thought this was funny as hell and had a good time playing against them. We saw original names such as [GUI]Campy, [GUI]Hed,[GUI]Hiv and so on. We had a great time playing these guys and they were even kind enough to record it as well.HERE Its a nice little video and while DUI fell short on one map, they were not able to score on the next one. DUI had a good time talking about other matches that were more challenging than the one we were playing and were able to get more touches on the blue flags as well. GG GUI!!!


Thursday July 27th 2006 part Deux

Kudos to Trigger! Thanks to a friend of his Dwango United now has 9 more servers up and running. Servers are located in Jersey and should give our East coast members some great pinging games. Romeo will be updating the server list to show all servers later.


Thursday July 27th 2006

Someone throw Snaxe a bigger cookie. Seems he was bored at work and decided to pass time and update the website. The home page now shows a "pretty" picture depicting Dwango United taking over the world. Hell, he even updated the members section. Way to go Snaxe! Looking forward to next years update.


Some where in the future after the Czech fight

The match that really never went anywhere... After all the talking, the clan match finally happened. The Czech's never lived up to there side of the bargain. It was truly unfortunate that we played them on their soil where the size of thier country is small enough to be more like a lan party. If memory serves correctly, i dont think they had anyone pinging over 20. Anyways, after we played on their lan, we moved to the U.S. but had a problem with the server we were on where most of the DUI players were warping while playing. Although DUI never bitches about losing and Romeo will even say "Adapt and Overcome" DUI still fell short on the ctf battle. Thinking that we would rebound with some of our best players such ast Tracilords, Trigger, Joker, Spinal, Tellz, Vampy and Dred on the one on one matches, The Czech guys suddenly stopped responding to us and decided to whimp out on it. One year later and still no response.. Go figure, they took there very small victory and left it at that and claimed major victory on there website. Those of us know who the true champs are and are writing off this battle as half ass complete. We have no more intentions of playing a clan who never honored the full terms of the clan match. Way to go 66!! you showed your true colors!!!!!


Saturday August 13th 2005

News on the battlefront, Dwango United will be taking on the Czech Republic in a ctf match. You can read about it HERE. Nothing better than to have the most powerful clan in the world to represent there beloved USA in world dominance. Please email Romeo for more details or catch him on irc. We are looking to have this match sometime this coming week.


Monday August 8th 2005

DUI has been idle for sometime now with the summer here and with different guys off playing WOW. I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know that DUI is not gone, we are slowly making our way back to where we should be, On top of our game.


Friday June 24th 2005

The new DWANGO Wad pack, DWANGO Best, is out. You can view more details as well as download it HERE. It is currently running on DWANGO United - Dallas ZDaemon server right now. If you like it and you want to host it, feel free to do so without asking. This map pack is best played on Original Deathmatch. Have fun!


Friday June 17th 2005

Someone give Snaxe a cookie for updating the web page! It really needed it. Unfortunately this delays my work on the new wad but I should still be able to finish by Saturday night.


Thursday June 16th 2005

A new DWANGO Wad compilation has been puttogether this week. This is not new material, but simply old material repackaged into one convenient wad file. You can check it out early at the DWANGO United - Dallas server (however it goes up and down due to updates to the wadfile). Look forward to a full release by this weekend.


Saturday May 28th 2005

Romeo has updated a few of the member profiles. If you havent sent him your profile yet please do so asap. We really want to get this site completed. We are also working on a special page for Thunder as well. If anyone has anything to contribute to it as far as a small story, demos etc... please contact Romeo, Snaxe, or Trigger so that we may start to work on it.


Tuesday May 17th 2005

Dwango United would like to welcome our newest brother in arms. He really needs no introduction as he is one of the all time great players and hails from the all mighty New York Dwango Server. Everyone welcome [DUI] Tellz to our ever growing clan of great old schoolers. Tellz is a great DM player that will adapt to any style of game play and use his opponents strength as a foundation of turning the game into his favor. Welcome aboard Tellz.


Friday May 13th 2005

We had a great night of CTF last night. Be sure to stop in Tuesdays and Thursdays for CTF all night. Our IRC channel is #DUI on

The folks over at UniDoom were kind enough to make us a demo. Sadly none of the DUI members were recording last night! This is an oversight that wont be missed in the future I can assure you! I would personally like to send thanks to them for such a kind gesture. DUI is always looking for more demos of gameplay to add to the archives. You can download that demo HERE

The title of this Demo is called 'Fear'. I'm not exactly sure what it means, but thanks anyway UD. They are even kind enough to host it for us! This is a fairly short demo of a couple of CTF maps on Zdaemon CTF2.

You will of course need to load both zdctfmp.wad and zdctfmp2.wad


Thursday May 12th 2005

Dwango United would like to welcome our youngest member Strike. He's formerly from clan HC. He learned the game fast, and we are honored to have another brother on board. Welcome to DUI!


Thursday May 12th 2005

More wonderful pain of web work. If you have not already submitted a picture for the members section, just message Snaxe or Romeo on IRC. Also, hop over to the forum and make sure you are registered.


Sunday May 8th 2005

Webpage work... meh...


Wednesday May 4th 2005


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